Sirma Enterprise Systems represents the U.S. division of Sirma Group primarily focusing on offering organizations cloud based applications to streamline cumbersome business processes while maximizing the efficiency of their business. These applications are custom built for our clients on Sirma Enterprise Platform. This platform is a semantic-based, open source technology which allows data to aggregate together based on entity recognition to create meaningful relationships while also requiring no coding to customize for end user needs.



To date, Sirma Enterprise Systems has developed three out of the box solutions and has several more in the platform’s roadmap.  The solutions that we continue to develop are based on client requests and user feedback to ensure that we continue to evolve with our clients’ needs.  The three developed applications that we have available are Sirma GoDigital – document management, Sirma Collaborate – project management, and Sirma Contracts – contract management.  Sirma Group has also been recognized by CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Contract Management Providers of 2017.

Sirma Enterprise Systems is proud to announce our Partner Program available for any professional services organization, consulting firm, and independent sales reps or consultants in the United States.  This opportunity is designed for those who are looking to add an additional service to their portfolio of offerings, for those who are looking for additional streams of capital and recurring revenue for themselves or their business, and for those who are looking to have solutions prepared and available for any and all of their clients’ demanding needs.  Best of all, there is no cost to join our partner program.

For more information and to register to our partner program, please contact Shamit Patel at or at 929-281-7626.