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Sirma Enterprise Platform (SEP) At .digicompLead
Sirma Enterprise Platform (SEP) at .digicompLead

On 23th of October 2018, one of our partners Balkan Services organized a Business Software Conference - .digicompLead. At this…

Sirma Automation:  2017 Case Study
Sirma Automation: 2017 Case Study

Sirma Automation is a workflow engine designed to eliminate manual entry when digitizing, indexing, and organizing files.  Recurring incoming documents…

Sirma Contracts Rated By CIO Review Magazine
Sirma Contracts Rated by CIO Review Magazine

Sirma Contracts Rated by CIO Review Magazine for One of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Contract Management Solutions Modern businesses…



Sirma GoDigital Case Study
Sirma GoDigital Case Study

Sirma GoDigital is a semantic-driven document management solution that allows clients to effectively store, secure, manage, and share documents across…

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Sirma Contracts Case Study
Sirma Contracts Case Study

Named Top 20 Most Promising Contract Management Software of 2017 by CIO Review, Sirma Contracts has the capability of simplifying the contract…

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“Never Work For Money” – Interview With Yavor Djonev
“Never Work For Money” – Interview with Yavor Djonev

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the co-founders and Executive Director of Sirma Group, Inc. It was…

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A Checklist For Becoming A Better Leader
A Checklist for Becoming a Better Leader

“The most dangerous myth is that leaders are born- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact,…

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Reactive Vs. Proactive Decision Making In Technology
Reactive vs. Proactive Decision Making in Technology

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”…

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What You Need To Know About Contract Management
What you need to know about Contract Management

Have you ever been stuck in a contract because you forgot to submit an end of term letter?  What about…

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Why Business Need To Consolidate Their Applications?
Why Business Need to Consolidate Their Applications?

Think about it… Managing a business is complicated.  Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Communications, and Marketing are some of the…

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The Power Of Collaboration
The Power of Collaboration

Working together is one of the most important aspects of becoming successful in any task or venture.  Many of the…

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Security Concerns Of The Cloud
Security Concerns of the Cloud

Cloud computing is has become a popular trend in recent years.  However, as popular as it is there is still…

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Afraid Of Technology Replacing Your Job? Don’t Be!
Afraid of technology replacing your job? Don’t be!

Over the past few decades, technology has come a long way. The automations that have been created lately simplify what used…

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Why The Semantic Database Will Disrupt The Document Management Marketplace
Why the Semantic Database Will Disrupt the Document Management Marketplace

Ever bounced the idea of “going paperless” in your organization? Many companies are attracted by it but very few actually do…

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Aggression Vs. Perfection – Thoughts On Decision Making
Aggression vs. Perfection – Thoughts on Decision Making

People generally use one of two approaches when taking action or making decisions: Slowly: Some would interpret this as a…

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Building A Business Culture Of Resilience
Building a Business Culture of Resilience

In the workplace, obstacles are common. Whether it’s losing market share to a competitor, losing a team leader, or failing…

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The Business Case For Cloud Computing
The Business Case for Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, cloud computing has become increasingly popular for businesses everywhere.  Companies such as, Amazon, Microsoft,…

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